Sake Product Development


Having visited more than 450 sake breweries across Japan, Hidetoshi Nakata has established close relationships with many brewers, and resulted in a number of collaborations with various sake breweries. One such example is the development of sake products. We have collaborated with a number of famous restaurants and sake breweries whose products are so popular that they are hard to obtain. We also develop products commissioned by hotels and corporate clients.


As the flavour of sake diversifies with the improvement of breweries' technology, we hear many restaurants saying that they do not know the best sake to go with the dishes they serve. On the other hand, we also hear many breweries say that it is difficult to specify what kind of food goes well with their sake.
One of the great things about sake is that when sake and food are combined, the synergy of flavours that is created makes them both taste even better. The éks brand was born from the desire to produce sake that is ultimately delicious.
The sake is created following many prototypes, with top chefs from a variety of culinary genres visiting sake breweries and discussing the aroma, taste and expression they envision with the brewery owner.

The series was first released featuring sake specifically produced for pairing with Tempura and Yakiniku, and future series will include Sushi, Kaiseki and Yakitori, in collaboration with top chefs in each genre who have a deep knowledge of sake as well as some of the most technically advanced breweries in Japan.

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Kijoshu Hinotori Torishiki x Aramasa

Kijoshu Hinotori Torishiki x Aramasa was developed by Torishiki, a famous yakitori restaurant in Meguro that has been awarded a Michelin star for 12 consecutive years, and Aramasa Shuzo, a brewery with a cult-like following that produces sake with tradition and innovation.

JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY brought together Yusuke Sato, the owner of Aramasa, who loves yakitori, and Yoshiteru Ikegawa, the owner of Torishiki, who is something of a sake connoisseur, to develop this product.

Kijoshu Hinotori Torishiki x Aramasa

JCSC × Andaz Tokyo Andaz Original ”52”

Andaz Tokyo, a five-star hotel in Toranomon, Tokyo, commissioned us to develop the hotel's original sake, 52, which goes well with food. The collaboration was with Miyagi-based Niizawa Jozoten, popular for its famous sake Hakurakusei. Named after the 52% polishing rate of the rice and the fact that it is served exclusively in the restaurant on Andaz Tokyo's 52nd floor, the sake is proving extremely popular.

Sony Music Labels “JUJUYONDAI”

As part of Sony Music Labels artist JUJU's tour merchandise, a limited edition sake ‘JUJUuyondai' was produced in collaboration with Takagi Sake Brewery, the brewer of the famed Juyondai sake brands. This was the first ever collaborative product development by the famed Takagi Sake Brewery, which has a history dating back over four hundred years.

JUJU TOUR 2018 「I」


JUJU-EN Special
「Snack JUJU 2023」