Bringing Japanese potential
to the world, for the future

Japan is home to many world renowned products, ideas, and cultural experiences.
It is blessed with breathtaking nature, a rich culture, and the traditions and techniques developed therein, as well as a wealth of people who uphold these traditions today.

These uniquely Japanese assets found throughout the country are full of potential: to enrich our lives, to help the Japanese economy, and to bring happiness to people the world over.

As the world has become more globalised, we can now convey the unique charms of Japan to a wider audience.

Yet with mass production and consumption the norm today, these Japanese assets may be lost or overlooked.

That is why we want to create chance for the better.

We are rethinking established approaches and creating new ways of conveying value that is relevant today.

Our goal: to bring precious Japanese assets to the world and make sure they stand the test of time.

Hidetoshi Nakata President and CEO