hidetoshi nakata

Hidetoshi Nakata is a former Japanese professional footballer.
After retiring in 2006, he spent over seven years travelling throughout Japan. Well informed of Japan’s culture, customs, crafts and agriculture, including sake breweries. Sake, and sake brewing, became of particular interest to Nakata, and his desire to understand more about this craft saw him visit over 450 sake breweries around Japan. In 2014, Nakata became a certified "Master of Sake". In 2015, he established JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY in an effort to promote awareness of Japanese sake, culture and craftsmanship around the world. Since then, he has launched his own bespoke sake, N by Hidetoshi Nakata, and has created the Sakenomy, sake app, which he designed to help the world’s sake drinkers discover more about sake.

Nakata has been active in a wide range of activities from product development to consulting, giving lectures at various companies, municipalities, and government agencies, as well as media interviews, drawing on his overseas football experience as well as the knowledge gained from his travels throughout Japan and around the world.

Select Media Appearances

Documentary Videos
CNN “Spirit of Tokyo”
CNN “Talk Asia”
FOX Sports Asia “Icon of Asia”
Fashion Magazines

Taiwan: Esquire Taiwan 2017 May

China: China Times

Korea: Allegri 2016 April

DAMIANI : Metropolitan Dream is the new men's jewelry collection designed by Hidetoshi Nakata 2014 May ~ 2017 March
https://www.damiani.com/jp/en/collection-metropolitan/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj6etQazsN4
Special Olympics : Global Ambassador

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