Developing Specialist Sake Cellars( Sold Out ) SAKE CELLER

Sake is more susceptible to temperature changes than wine, but this is not widely known, even in Japan.
Many breweries employ cold storage to ensure quality, but when these products reach restaurants, those establishments often do not have the right systems in place to store and chill the sake. This causes the sake to lose quality before it is even served to the customer.

Japan Craft Sake Company has partnered with altekna Co., Ltd. and Sakura Works Inc. in order to develop the world’s first Sake Cellar, a product which enables storage of sake at the optimal temperature of -5°C.

More and more Japanese restaurants today are serving wine. The Sake Cellar is equipped to support two temperature gradients from -5°C to 20°C, allowing restaurateurs to store both sake and wine at the best temperature.
Wine has become more widespread thanks to temperature and humidity controlled cellars, which in turn created a larger market for the beverage. In that way, providing a way of optimally storing sake will allow more market growth, as well as enable sake to become a more mainstream product around the world.

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