Sake Export and Creation of a System for Cold Chain Logistics/Distribution

With growing global interest in Japanese food, Japanese sake is becoming increasingly popular both at home and abroad. Yet there are few vendors in Japan, let alone overseas, with proper knowledge of how to store sake to retain its quality.

Breweries prepare sake under strict temperature conditions, so we want consumers to be able to enjoy that sake in its best condition.

Japan Craft Sake Company is partnering with overseas distributors who meet our stringent conditions of sale. These conditions include: the use of chilled export from Japan to international ports; cold storage in warehouses at -5°C; cold storage delivery from warehouses to points of sale; the use of dedicated sake cellars; and other quality control methods. The goal is to create a state-of-the-art logistics system to deliver the finest quality sake to the world.

We also dispatch our expert personnel to points around the globe to work with local distributors and restaurants, conveying the proper methods of storing and serving sake through a dedicated training programme.

For further information and enquires about the JCSC export system, please use our Contact Form.