Sake Blockchain Development & Management

Sake Blockchain Development & Management.

"Sake Blockchain" is a distribution management system developed by JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY.

By registering each bottle with unique QR codes, individual bottles can be tracked from the sake brewery to overseas distributors, and even to on-trade customers/restaurants in markets around the world. The traceability and transparency of the Sake Blockchain (SBC) makes it possible for all parties in the supply chain to check the inventory and sales status of each bottle, at every location, at any time.

Knowing the stock and sales turnover rate of sake at each location in the supply chain is very effective in terms of quality control management, and also makes it easier for breweries to plan future production and exports. In addition, understanding the sales performance of each product within a region provides valuable insights into the products that are best suited to that market, which in turn helps to improve profit maximisation. and even the development of new products.

When used in conjunction with our Cold Chain System (refrigerated transport system), the accumulated temperature of products leaving the warehouse can be tracked to international destinations, ensuring that products can be delivered to the end consumer in the optimum condition.

If you are interested in learning more about our SBC and Cold Chain System, please feel free to contact us anytime.