Sake is a unique fermented rice alcohol that has been brewed in Japan for over a thousand years. Sake is inseparable from life in Japan. It is not only a drink, it is a craft that is intrinsically woven into the brocade of Japan’s rich cultural history. It is an essential component of ceremonial occasions and life’s celebrations. Sake generated with the blessings of nature, sophisticated techniques and craftsmanship can be said to capture the true beauty of Japan.

At present, there are about 1300 sake breweries throughout Japan, all able to produce high quality sake. Each brewery produces about 2-3 different sake brands, which means there are around 3000 labels on the market. However, the breweries and their labels are not widely known, both in Japan and abroad.

Due to the growing popularity of Japanese culture and cuisine overseas, sake exports have more than doubled over the last decade. In recent years, the international market has begun to develop a more sophisticated palate and demand for premium grade sake now exceeds supply.

JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY aims to expand awareness of sake brewers and their brands in the growing international market and is dedicated to promoting the appeal of Japanese sake and sake culture around the world.

To ensure strong, sustainable growth in the sake industry, JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY strives to develop new markets and profitable commercial opportunities for both Japanese sake breweries & our international clients.