In order to improve the quality of high-end sake available in overseas markets, JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY has created an exclusive collection of limited edition, luxury labels crafted by the most famous sake breweries of Japan. Sold exclusively through approved international partners who utilize our leading-edge distribution and storage system, our Sake Portfolio will set a new benchmark for premium sake available on the international stage.

We are honored to launch our 2017 Sake Portfolio with a label regarded as the world’s finest, Juyondai, by the legendary Takagi Brewery, of Yamagata Prefecture. In Japan, and among knowledgeable sake enthusiasts abroad, Juyondai is so revered for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship that it has a status similar to grande cru wine. Limited production means that Juyondai is the most coveted and difficult to obtain sake in Japan— which further increases its allure to sake connoisseurs.

Born from the the vision to create the world’s most super-premium sake, N Japanese Sake —a bespoke label created for Hidetoshi Nakata by Takagi Brewery— represents the apex of the Sake Portfolio. N stands alone on the international market in terms of quality, flavour and craftsmanship, and has inspired other Japanese brewers to rise to the challenge of creating their own ‘next level’ premium sake.

Each year JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY will add more super premium labels to the Sake Portfolio. In 2018, two more limited edition Juyondai labels will be added to the collection, followed by other —yet to be announced—exclusive, premium sake labels by Japan’s most famed breweries.


Throughout Japan’s 2000 year history of sake brewing, no other brewery has held a more revered status than that of the legendary Takagi Brewery.

Established during the Edo Period in 1615, the Takagi family has continually brewed sake from generation to generation since that time. Today, with fifteenth generation Akitsuna Takagi at the helm, the family’s sake brewery is renowned for its high quality Juyondai sake, which has such a cult-like following amongst sake enthusiasts that it has become the most coveted and difficult obtain sake in Japan.

Juyondai Black Label was Takagi Brewery’s first official international release. Launched in 2017, in association with JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY and authorised “Official Juyondai Suppliers”, Takagi Brewery finally presented it’s precious Juyondai sake to the world.

Luscious, tropical aromas of lychee, melon and gooseberry laced with soft notes of white flowers resonate on the palate. An exquisite arrangement of bright fruit and subtle umami rice flavours create an ambrosial expression, framed by a delightful, fresh acidity. The flavour rolls across the mouth and swells in a smooth, silky wave before receding into a clean, elegant finish.


Juyondai Gold Label is a most rare and precious treasure.

Handcrafted by 15th generation master brewer, Akitsuna Takagi, with Yamada Nishiki sake rice grown in the Special Grade A fields of Yokawa, Hyogo, and pure Sakura Shimizu natural spring that follows from Yamagata’s Dewa Mountains, this limited edition sake is the supreme representation of the beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of Takagi Brewery.

Beautifully perfumed with a luxurious layering of fresh rose, melon, white peach and a hint of anise on the nose. The palate is smooth and finely structured, with an exquisite orchestration of lush stone fruit flavours and rich umami notes imparted by the Yamada Nishiki rice. A fresh acidity enhances the fruit and carries the flavour to a long, pure finish. The overall impression is one of elegance and harmony.

N By Hidetoshi Nakata
"N" By Hidetoshi Nakata

With a vision to create the world’s finest premium sake, Hidetoshi Nakata collaborated with the famed Takagi Brewery, from Yamagata Prefecture, to produce his own private sake label, “N”. Only 1000 bottles of this limited edition sake are produced each vintage.

This superb sake is the result of an exquisite harmony that is created between the fresh, fruity aroma, dignified, full-bodied flavor, that is imparted by the Yamada Nishiki rice—admired as the King of Sake Rice—and a refined sweetness that comes from the rare sake rice, Aiyama.

A large bowled wine glass is recommended for N. Pour a glass one third full, swirl it to release the aroma and flavors, and then enjoy its pure sweetness, ethereal flavors, and long, lingering finish.

N is designed to complement a wide variety of food pairings. Whether it be French, Italian or Japanese cuisine, white fatty fish or light meat, or even with cheese and dessert courses, you can enjoy its clear flavors throughout a multi-course meal.

The ideal storage temperature is -5°C, and should be served at around 10°C.