"N" By Hidetoshi

With a vision to create the world’s finest premium sake, Hidetoshi Nakata collaborated with the famed Takagi Brewery, from Yamagata Prefecture, to produce his own private sake label, “N”. Only 1000 bottles of this limited edition sake are produced each vintage.

This superb sake is the result of an exquisite harmony that is created between the fresh, fruity aroma, dignified, full-bodied flavor, that is imparted by the Yamada Nishiki rice—admired as the King of Sake Rice—and a refined sweetness that comes from the rare sake rice, Aiyama.

A large bowled wine glass is recommended for N. Pour a glass one third full, swirl it to release the aroma and flavors, and then enjoy its pure sweetness, ethereal flavors, and long, lingering finish.

N is designed to complement a wide variety of food pairings. Whether it be French, Italian or Japanese cuisine, white fatty fish or light meat, or even with cheese and dessert courses, you can enjoy its clear flavors throughout a multi-course meal.

The ideal storage temperature is -5°C, and should be served at around 10°C.