CRAFT SAKE WEEK is a celebration of sake, food, music, art and craftsmanship that has set a new benchmark for sake festivals around the world. Throughout the ten day event, guests can enjoy the sake of 100 renowned Japanese breweries along with the specially created dishes of the country’s famous restaurants. The event showcases “CRAFT” on a multitude of levels; the official handmade glass & ceramic sake cups, disposable tableware made with sustainable materials, as well as the stunning wooden installations and outdoor furniture are all crafted by regional artisans especially for the event.

First held in February, 2016, at the Arena in Roppongi Hills, CRAFT SAKE WEEK has set a new benchmark for sake festivals around the world. The 2016 event was an unprecedented success, attracting over 76,000 people and extensive coverage in both the Japanese and international media.
Each day of the ten day event featured a line-up of 10 breweries or distilleries under different themes; including World-Class Masters, All-Star favourites, and innovative “Young Gun” breweries from around Japan.

Along with the finest products of 100 Japanese craft sake makers, CRAFT SAKE WEEK featured food trucks serving the gourmet creations of Tokyo’s Michelin starred restaurants and master chefs. The event offered a rare opportunity to pair sake, shochu, and ume-shu with dishes from one starred La BOMBANCE [modern Japanese], introduction-only Hirata [Italian],  Kudan [oden], Torizenseo [yakitori], and the creative cuisine of introduction-only SUGALABO [French].

Photo Credit: Takumi Ota